The technical experts and management team at Climacond are well versed in the mechanical needs of every client.

1. Plumbing – Providing an array of plumbing services including installation and treatment of water, sanitary, and drainage systems.

2. Ventilation – Providing& installing ventilation products that provide high indoor air quality in a variety of locations including homes, offices, healthcare premises, shops, industrial buildings, malls, hotels, etc. These products are used to remove unpleasant smells and excessive moisture by introducing outside air and keeping interior building air circulating and preventing stagnation of the interior air. We are proud to say that we work in this field with one of the best companies worldwide called Systemair to provide our clients with the best results and ensure their satisfaction. Our product line ranges from simply bathroom fans up to Axial Fans, Circular Duct Fans, Smoke Extract Fans, Air curtains, Roof Exhaust Fans, and many more costumed to suit the desired need.

3. Air Conditioning – Providing mechanically sound AC Systems as a major facility provided by Climacond Middle East SAL with high quality standards and best end results. We ensure that our AC Systems make the process of altering the properties of air temperature and humidity to more favorable conditions. We have specialized in Air conditioning since 1978 in collaboration with one of the best brands worldwide, Lennox, and have succeeded in reaching our goals and expanding our market range from small residential places to large commercial centers and buildings. Our clients’ comfort remains our main concern.

4. Water Supply – developing a network for sound and reliable water supply

5. Fire Safety – as safety is a top priority at Climacond, we provide fire-fighting equipment and basic training

6. Electrical – installation of a safe electrical grid based on the specifications of each project

"The technical experts and management team at Climacond are well versed in the mechanical needs of every client."