One of our main and most essential elements in our company is our Distribution Services. Establishing the most appropriate distribution strategy is a major key to success. We at Climacond Middle East SAL make sure that our products are available and reachable to every part of Lebanon including our neighboring countries. Our products are channeled from our manufacturers to us and directly to our customers. This is what’s called a Level one Channel. We are the only exclusive distributors of our products too. Our customers are confident while dealing with us because of the abundance of our products in stock, and as a result we are ready to fulfill their needs at any place and at any time. Last but not least, it all goes back to our strong team and their impeccable organization and coordination in working hand in hand for delivering the best services for you our customers.

Climacond supplies its clients with quality air-conditioning, heating and ventilation systems distributing high-end international brands

1. Lennox 

2. Systemair

 3. Poolpack

 4. Frico


"Your Leading Provider of Electro Mechanical Solutions"